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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 2, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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a smooth drive. we are following the san jose sharks. that is their home arena at the hp pavilion. they are on the road. they are up 1-0. this is thursday, may 2nd. this is "today in the bay." indeed, this is friday eve. good morning, everybody. 5:00 on the nose. thanks a lot for getting up early with us. i'm jon kelley. i'm laura garcia cannon. firefighters battle a wild fire in sonoma county. the fire is 50% contained.
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firefighters are dealing with strong winds and dry conditions as they try to get the upper hand. >> the weather also forcing them to stay alert at the silverado fire in napa county. the fire is contained. there are still wore res this one could possibly reignite. firefighters planning to stay on the scene for the next few days to be safe and make sure. with that in mind, let's check in with meteorologist, christina loren, for the conditions that hopefully may improve. good morning. good morning to you, jon and laura. good morning to you at home. the good news is, we are slated to see the wind advisory, the red flag warning expire, when it comes to those winds, they should be dropping off as we head throughout the day. we are already quite a bit more on the calm side than 24 hours ago. what i can tell you, red flag warning is slated to expire at noon. however, it is going to be the hottest day of the year so far. we still have high fire danger. you want to keep that in mind. it is early in the season for this. you probably have not secured that defensible space around your home. if you are waking up above 1,000
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feet, you want to get it done before the inspections start. temperatures are nice and mild. 50s by noon. not so mild, hot, in livermore, 93 degrees. 84 at noon in antioch. we are going to round up the day at about 98 degrees in fairfield. 83, san francisco, and 94 degrees today in redwood city. your full forecast atells you when the heat relief comes in. we will talk about that coming up. i am going to send it back to you right now. fire investigators trying to figure out if weather played a role in an overnight fire in san jose. the fire damaged the garage area of the home that was used to store sheds and trailers. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live at the home with how it all started with an explosion, we're understanding. >> good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. that's what we are being told. there was a really loud explosion in the garage you see behind me. that's what got this fire moving. outside. the weather hot and dry. firefighters looking into
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whether that may have played a role. when they arrived, this he say this fire was hot and already moving overnight on south almadon avenue, burning sheds and trailers behind a small home. because there were buildings close by, firefighters called a second alarm to keep it from spreading. arson investigators were called to the scene. >> this is a fire we are believing to be a battery that exploded. residents said they were charging a battery. it exploded and came out. that's what we are working on right now, the cause of the fire. >> reporter: no reports of any injuries. several people were displaced. i'm told the red cross was out here for a time. the fire is out. then, there was another potentially hazardous situation to deal with. that was the number of chemicals left in the garage. so we are told that several additional crews had to come out and deal with that. right now, though, all the firefighters are gone but you can see quite a bit of damage left to this garage.
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reporting live in san jose, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> firefighters in southern california still trying to gain the upper hand on a wind-whipped wild fire burning in riverside county. . the so-called summit fire has destroyed one home and more than 500 people have been evacuated from the area. so far, the fire has charred nearly 3,000 acres and crews say this one is only about 35% contained. all the high winds, that low humidity mixed in with the hot temperatures making this one extremely difficult for some of the 400 firefighters out there battling that fire. it is 5:04. we could learn more today in the search for a serial car thief who has made his mark in several bay area counties. 42-year-old dimitry store is expected of stealing vehicles in sonoma, marin, santa cruz and monterrey counties. he is also suspected of attacking a police officer and robbing a man at gunpoint. he was last seen in the santa
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cruz mountains last thursday. a new warning from police after a woman was robbed during a concert at the shoreline ampathy a ter. she was the lady antebellum concert when she was pushed from behind by a man. when she fell forward, that man grabbed her purse and ran off. the woman telling telling shoreline security and alerted police the very next day a new study published this morning by uc berkeley researchers shows almost 3 dozen lipsticks contain toxic metals that could cause serious health problems. the researchers are hoping the fda will step in. marla tallez is live with a story every woman needs to hear. good morning, marla. >> reporter: good morning. i'm in our nbc bay area makeup room where the magic happens where we put on our faces in the morning. this is the last thing you want to think about. that goes for all the women watching at home right now.
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the last thing you want to think about is our makeup bad for our health. we may have to worry about our lipstick and lip glosses, because of this study done out of uc berkeley. the school of public health tested 32 different lipsticks and lip glosses that are commonly found in drug stores and department stores. the lipsticks you are seeing here are generic, because the study doesn't list the brands researchers tested. at this point, we just don't know. what we do know, nine metals were detected in these lipsticks, and glosses, including cadmium, chrome yun, aluminum and lead. this shows lead is present in many lipsticks but at acceptable levels. the red flag is the amount of chro chromium detected, a car sin know jen linked to stomach tumors and man began knees was
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found, problems with our nervous system. reapplying your color and gloss two to three times a day could result in overexposure of these metals. here is the takeaway, ladies. the study says that blotting, that could be beneficial to us. then, we are absorbing and consuming less of the bad stuff. researchers say this isn't exactly cause for you to throw away your lipsticks and lip glosses. they admit this is a small study and hope it grabs the attention of the fda and hoping more studies will be conducted. i guess we are all going to be blotting. >> and practicing safe kissing. >> the boys are dangerous too. >> boys thinking about themselves in all this. 5:07. it's all right, jon. we love you. 58 in livermore, 58 to start the day in san jose and 56 in sunnyvale. as you are getting your day started, reminder, bring that
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makeup bag in with you. you don't want to leave it out in the car. don't want to leave anything out in the car that could get too hot and melt. we are going to see one of those days where it is just scorching and we are bringing on the heat early in the season. 98 for fairfield. 98 degrees in fairfield. 95, concord. 90, fremont and 83 degrees in san francisco. i'll show you where we are going to get some much-needed heat relief and some showers. that roller coaster weather ride we have been taking you on, the big dropoff about to happen. we will take you through you the changes. first, want to check your drive. mike, you know a thing or two about women's makeup. you are married. >> we do powder in the morning. that's what i do over here, man's makeup that i use. san jose, a nice, easy drive northbound. overall, things are moving smoothly. north 101 earlier crash activity. the investigation looks like it
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has completely cleared. 280 slows off of 880. there was construction on 880 as stevens creek. a live look outside, north bay, not a problem. easy flow southbound. 5:09. former director of the cia, david petraeus, getting ready to start teaching at a california university. plus, there is another problem with the new span on the bay bridge. we will tell you about the new concerns servicing this morning. we'll have that coming up. plus, what if everything we were doing to fix the economy, practically everything was wrong. we'll take a look coming up in business news.
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let's get your day started with a nice look over san jose live before the sun comes up. we will keep you posted. looks like more warm temperatures out there. christina loren will be along to tell you about that. it is 5:11 right now. one of the candidates for the
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now open district two seat on the santa clara board of supervisors laying out her plan today. sin cindy chavez will unveil a plan today. she is one of seven running for the seat on june 4th special elections. the district 2 seat opened up when george shirakawa stepped down. he has since pleaded guilty for misusing funds and is waiting to be sentenced some top experts say it is more and more likely that everything washington is doing to help the economy doesn't. the experts include the head of the fed himself. there are two ways to approach problems with debt and sluggish economy. there is the sequester approach. let's cut spending, austerity. that's what we are doing, the opposite, spend, spend, spend. increase government spending to solve our problems. ben bernanke is making it perfectly clear the fed is on the side of spending, saying out
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right now that government cutbacks which are so popular an capitol hill are not helping. they are hurting. many see this as a political issue. republicans want to get government spending under control and see this fed statement as an attack on the politics. this frustrates economists who see their profession as a science mostly independent of party politics. austerity doesn't work. that, in fact, can hurt recovery. it is an idea that's quickly catching on in europe as well. lots of protests this week with the may day holiday over government cutbacks. let's check the markets this morning. kayla tausche is live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning good morning, scott. futures are higher after stocks suffered their worst start in nearly a year. poor economic data hurt the markets early on while they rebounded initially. the losses picked up in the final hour of trading. the fed, as expected, said it will keep buying billions of
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dollars in treasury and mortgage bonds each month to stimulate the economy. it could expand the program depending on the job market or inflation. we get data on unemployment, trade deficit and productivity and earnings from gm. the dow falling to 14,700, the nasdaq losing 29 to 3299. back to you. menlo park's facebook met with analyst and reporters by phone wednesday afternoon. one of the key takeaways is the average facebook user is on a mobile device and doesn't live in america. that use ir e user is far more live in europe or asia. the company did turn in respectable numbers, jon and laura. the trends continue to be a challenge. facebook's accountants say, hey, good news. we made a ton of money advertising to americans on p.c.s. the engineers are saying, bad news, our average user, not american, not using a p.c. >> interesting.
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thank you very much, scott. a lot of challenges ahead for facebook. 5:14 right now. as far as our weather is concerned, it is a challenge trying to stay cool out there. >> our hearts go out to those of you that work outdoors for today and there is a lot of people who do so. just make sure you are ready for the heat. you want to bring the water bottle with you, go ahead and throw it into the freezer right now, get it as cold as possible before you walk out the front door. another good way to combat the heat, clothes the shadse the sh home before you leave. that way it will stay dark and insulated. open up your windows. a nice gentle breeze. pretty nice. it is going to be hot. it is mild. 58 degrees in san jose, 56 in sunnyvale. you can go ahead and drive to work with the windows down this morning. later on today, you will likely beic can go on the a.c. high pressure is the reason why. this thing is so strong. it is so early to see this big pacific ridge build over the bay area. that's what's driving the winds
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in southern california and the bay area. santa ana winds, same thing here. we just don't get that wind quite as strong. we are going to see the red flag warning in place until noon today. keep that in mind. high fire danger until that point. we could see it extended. drink plenty of water, frequent breaks, seek shade when you can. don't forget the pets. 70 degrees is too warm to keep a pet inside your vehicle in heat like this. we are talking about really dangerous conditions. 97 degrees for livermore, 95, concord. 98 in fairfield. 96 in gilroy. 95 in los gatos. as we take you through the next couple of days, there is that much-needed, much welcomed cooldown. we will be back in the 70s. back to the envy of the nation soon enough. we've just got a few hot days to get through. maybe some showers as we kick off next week. as promised, here is mike. you are always posting really valuable information. >> thank you. there was a chart we got some pets in need online.
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i put it up there to share with books. this is my facebook page. it doesn't mean it is cool at all inside the car. we are looking over here toward the eastshore freeway where there is a building commute. looking at west 80 over at central avenue. look at maps. we have reports of a stalled vehicle. i see slowing that is west 580 coming off of the east sho are freeway. over at the central avenue, the icon marking. i don't see any slowing. we will track that chp is heading out to check the scene. smooth drive through the bay bridge toll plaza. 24 shows a nice, smooth drive. highway 4, typical slowing from antioch, building and clearing by the time we get to pittsburg and bay point. typical for that point of the east bay right off the water there. looking over here toward the tri-valley. no unusual flow. north 680 and east 580, typically opposite your morning commute. we see early slowing as the commute starts to build. a few more cars.
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nothing unusual. no problems here. fremont, 880. live look shows you southbound traffic picking up the volume as well. we will go across the bay and we will look to the foster city side coming off of the high-rise. highway 2 westbound. there is the flat section clearly visible as well. from the beginning, the bay bridge was designed to stand up to a major earthquake. another new problem to the eastern span. this time it is the weld at the base of the suspension tower. the metropolitan transportation commission confirming 20 welds. four legs are being repaired. a uc berkeley professor of bridge engineering is worried the bad wells may have compromised the seismic safety of the bridge. >> these welds are important. they have to keep the legs of the tower together so they move together. it is like a table with four
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legs. those four legs move in different directions. that's not going to be good. in a statement, a spokesperson for the metropolitan transportation commission trying to put it in perspective says there are millions of welds on the bridge and this involved about 20 of them. this is not a safety problem. these welds do not affect structural stability. we have consulted with top industry experts and we are on top of this problem. this is not an unusual issue and this will not affect the scheduling for the opening of the bridge, end quote. the weld issue is servicing while engineering are still trying to figure out how to fix the steel rods that are snapping. they are part of the seismically safe design. now, in a preview of an exclusive investigative unit report, why would the embattled president of the state's public utility commission snub a senate attention for a day in napa. they are questioning a decision by michael peisy in an exclusive
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report coming up at 11:00. instead of talking about the safety and track record of his agency with lawmakers, nbc bay area found him in wine country at a conference regarding clean energy. after a dinner and reception at an exclusive napa winery, chief investigative reporter, tony coba lesssky had questioned for him? >> reporter: what's the message you sent by coming here to napa instead of coming here to speak sot senate? >> you are very an tag gone nis stick and you are reading a script. >> reporter: i am not being an tag gone nis stick. you can hear more of his explanation and our full investigation tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. it is 5:20 right now. next stop, california. retired general david petraeus announcing he will be teaching at a golden state university coming up this fall.
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welcome back. live pictures from the bronx. take a look at this five-alarm garage fire going on. it has been burning now for a couple of hours. >> a lot of heavy flames and smoke out there. witnesses saying they can see the smoke there for miles. officials telling us the building partially collapsed. they, at this point, don't know what was inside. the good news as 130 firefighters flames. we will keep you posted. 5:23. caltrans working on a plan to replace old rail bridges in san monta toe at tilton monta diablo, santa inez and popular avenue, are more than 100 years
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old. they say they are structural unsound and need to be replaced. they will ensure caltrans is prepared for electrified rail service. the agency will hold a public meeting to inform residents about the plans. >> >> former c.i.a. director, david petraeus, trying to start a new chapter taking a job at the university of southern california. the university announcing this morning, the retired general will teach classes and mentor rotc students. this is petraeus' second teaching appoint just last month. city university of new york announcing petraeus would be a visiting professor for that school. if you recall, he left the cia just last fall amid a scandal after acknowledging an affair with his biographer. >> you are saying the hottest day of the year is coming? oh, yeah. i want to make sure you are ready, laura and jon and specially the little ones. they don't have that much more school left before they break for summertime. the next two days, really want
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to make sure they are ready for summerlike weather. hot around here. 98 degrees, for example, in places like fairfield. the reason why, if you look at fairfield on your wind map, you see the wind straight out of the north, 13 miles per hour. that's our warming agent. those dry, down sloping offshore winds. these are your highs for today. want to prepare for a hot day ahead. get your house ready for that. clothes the blin close the blinds before you leave today. let the coolest air of the day in before the heat rises. we will tell you when we will be back in the 60s and 70s. 5:25. want to get you out the front door on time. the man on the job is mike. things have gotten lighter as far as incidents clearing around the bay area. we will show you oakland where the volume is starting to build. there you go north and southbound. north with the tail lights past. highlight southbound the opposite direction. we will show you the map as well. this area where we have circled we will also circle a satellite
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view of the oakland coliseum. warriors playing tonight. we expect crowds there before and hopefully afterwards. a celebration, not to think too far ahead. 580, smooth drive through oakland. your typical build hereme. a little slowing shows up here. typical at this time of day. smooth drive for 880 down through fremont where you slow a tad bit past the mission merge. the earlier showing we showed on 280 has now cleared. just west of 880-17. the woman accused of trying to sneak poisonous bottles of orange juice into a south bay starbucks prepares to make her first court appearance. senator barbara boxer in the bay area calling for changes when it comes to the food you eat. we will have details coming up next. a live look outside. embarcadero, san francisco, all lit up. we are waiting for the sun's arrival. it is going to be a warm one
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today. how hot? christina will tell us [ wind howling ]
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happening right now, firefighters working through the night trying to get the upper hand on a fast-moving fire burning east of los angeles. the so-called summit fire burning almost 3,000 acres so far. in this one, only about 35 contained at this point. more than 400 firefighters out there battling the flames, which have destroyed at least one building. the santa ana winds mixed with all the low humidity and the heat we have been having, making it very difficult for firefighters to gain that upper hand. tough going out there. almost 5:30. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm jon kelly. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. the winds, heat, dry conditions causing trouble for firefighters right here in the bay area. the yellow fair niece calistoga is still burning, just 50% contained. while the silver ra doe fire in napa valley is now out. firefighters still on the scene trying to make sure that
5:30 am
fire does not reignite. they think it was sparked after high winds knocked down a tree right on to some power lines. >> heavy fuel, yeah, we'll be out here for probably awe couple of days. we have stopped the spread a lot of heavy moppup that the guys will have to take care of. >> the silver ra drado fire con acres before being contained. >> the high winds still an issue this morning. we want to look at the conditions rice rigght now, whe could get better good morning, to you, laura and john. good morning to you at home. we still have strong winds in parts of the bay area, particularly the north end. if you live north of the golden gate bridge, north of the bay bridge, still, rather gassy at the higher elevations and where you lack that friction. what i can tell you is, though, we have sliced the wind speeds in half from 24 hours ago. they will continue to drop off as we head throughout the day. the winds are going to calm and drop down where as our high
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temperatures are going to soar today. much warmer day on tap than even yesterday. we are going to boost your numbers by 5 degrees to 8 degrees in some cases and yesterday was really hot. so heat tips for today, stay hydrated, drink plenty of water, go ahead and prepare for a hot day ahead. bring the little ones. the water bottle before they head out the front door, because it is going to be very warm and very early to see this. we are actually rivalling all-time temperature records in some cities. we will talk about that coming up. 98, livermore, 83 degrees in san francisco. we are getting into that time of year best to be on the best of fire safety. get that defensible space around your home protected. back to you for now, laura and jon. san jose fire investigators now looking into the possibility all this hot weather we have been having has played a role in an overnight garage fire. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live on the scene there with more details on the ongoing investigation. kristy, good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning, jon. one of the people on the property says he was charging a battery in the garage and then heard a boom, a big explosion and that's when this fire took off. you can see damage pretty bad this morning. this happened in really hot, dry weather conditions. so firefighters looking at that, at something that may have fanned this fire. this is a really deep property with sheds and trailers on it, at almadon and willow. right away, the concern was it might spread to the house up front and neighboring properties that butt right up to this one. when firefighters arrived about 11:30, they say it was already hot, this fire. the flames were big. they were moving fast. in the garage, they found a p potentially hazardous situation we are currently work in kind of a holding pattern with the report of chemicals in the back area. we want to investigate before we go further. >> reporter: now, those hazardous incident crews were called in to try and stop any
5:33 am
runoff from getting off the property and into any potential water source. there were a number of trailers on the property. several people were displaced because of this and the red cross was there to help those that needed it. reporting live in san jose, christie smith, "today in the bay." the woman accused of leaving poison orange juice at a starbucks in san jose is expected in court today. she is being charged with attempted murder. investigators say she mixed lethal amounts of rubbing alcohol in two bottles of orange juice and took some to the starbucks shop and left them on the shelf. a customer saw it happened and reported it. police have not released a motive but it appears she acted alone. a morgan hill daycare teacher accused of drugging toddlers with sleeping pills. she has pleaded not guilty to child endangerment.
5:34 am
a co-worker saw her slipping something into the drinks of the the children. toddlers never touched the drinks. she was arrested and fired. senator boesch ra boxer arb boxer calling on clear labeling for foods. requiring the fda to clearly label genetic cally engineered foods. last year, they rejected an initiative to require all food to be clearly labeled uc berkeley researchers shows almost 3 dozen lipsticks contain toxic metals that could cause serious health problems. researchers are calling on the fda to step in. marla tallez live. >> reporter: welcome to the nbc bay area makeup room, everybody. listen up, women. i have a question for you.
5:35 am
how many times do you think you apply or reapply your lipstick or lip gloss? the study shows that women do so on average just 2.3 times a day. it turns out doing so could be bad for our health. not exactly the news we want to hear. uc berkeley's school of public health tested 32 different lipsticks and glosses that are commonly found in drug stores and department stores. the lipsticks we're showing you here are label listed because the study doesn't list the brands researchers tested. we do know nine metals were detected, cadmium, chromium, aluminum and lead. lead isn't the concern. it is the amount of chromium that researchers are concerned about. it is a known carcinogen. man began knees was found, linked to problems with our nervous system. applying and reapplying your color and gloss two to three
5:36 am
times a day could result in overexposure of these metals. the researchers admit this is a small study and more testing needs to be done. they are hoping the study grabs the attention of the fda and they will then conduct more testing. they do recommend it is always a good idea to blot, because then you are consuming less of the bad stuff. marla tallez, "today in the bay." thank you very much. california now suing retailers and candy makers claiming the companies exposed customers to illegal lead levels in candied plum and ginger products. the lawsuit filed earlier this week by the state attorney general's office accuses retailers like whole foods, trader joes and target of knowingly selling products that contain led. that violates proposition 65
5:37 am
which requires businesses to warn consumers of products that may cause can serks bircer, bir and other health problems time to check in with christina loren to tell us about another smoking day in the neighborhood. good morning, jon and laura. good morning to you at home. your winds still pishiushing offshore. the national weather service is confident that the winds are calm enough to cancel the red flag warning. we still want to be on the best of fire safety. those winds will still be pumping, specially in the north end of the bay area and areas north of the bay bridge. travel cautiously if you drive a high-profile vehicle. the coldest point of the day, 58 degrees at the coldest point in san jose. 49, a little more refreshing, in gilroy this morning. 54 degrees to start in con toward. we're at noon. you will be at 83 degrees, 84 at
5:38 am
lunchtime along the east shore in fremont. 84 in san jose rounding out the day in the upper 90s, officially making this the warmest day so far. 83 degrees in san francisco. this is the kind of heat you don't want to mess with. make sure you are staying hydrated. you will have your full forecast coming up. 5:38. let's check that drive if you are headed around the corner. the livermore festival, i'm going to be out there. we will be outside. i am going to watch the shows. we are looking over here toward the bay bridge. we are picking up a few more cars. no way. cash lanes, maybe one or two. that's about it. smooth flow down the eastshore freeway. matt, let's show you what's going on as far as the backup. west highway 4 is typical. grinding down to an almost stop. it is a crawl. folks are used to that. clearing, slow out of the altamont pass. nothing unexpect. a smooth drive. the dublin interchange, just
5:39 am
starting to build as far as the flow. south bay, san jose, the first burst of traffic. that should ease up closer to 6:00 and hit again in the next half hour. we'll track it, guy. back to you. 5:39. we'll tell you how you can pick up dinner and help out the victims of the boston bombings at the same time. i'm bob redell. live in oakland where the golden state warriors are hours away from possibly advancing to round two of the nba playoffs. live report coming up.
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welcome back, everybody. breaking news going on in new york city. this is that penn station. we just lost our chopper shot. we were going to tell you about a suspicious package that had been found and located at penn station. there are police on scene trying to examine that. we are guessing they probably have some bomb squad emergency people out there as well.
5:42 am
we will keep you posted as more information comes in on that one right now. it is 5:41. also, today, three more suspects in custody this morning in connection with the boston marathon bombings. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live in washington, d.c. right now. telling us about how investigators think they may have been involved. good morning, tracy. good morning, jon, not from the beginning. not with the planning and not with the execution. after swapping text messages while tsarnaev was on the run. they think these three college friends of his went to his dorm and took away what ended up being evidence. tsarnaev's laptop and a backpack full of empty fireworks. the powder having been taken out of them. they are charged with lying to investigators and conspiracy to obstruct justice. they are behind bars pending hearings later this week, or next week, by the way. they are also looking at five to
5:43 am
eight years and $250,000 each in fines, if, in fact, they are convicted of playing that role. on capitol hill, we are awaiting a hearing next week, also next week, from the house homeland security committee. they want to talk with boston police commissioner to find out whether or not the fbi told him they were in his city investigating someone in his backyard. that would be tamerlan tsarnaev, the older brother, that tied in the shootout with police. >> thank you for that update. in the meantime, we are expecting to hear from the family of the martinez boy hurt when one of the bombs went off. this will happen tomorrow morning. aaron hern finally returning home from boston tuesday just in time to celebrate his 12th birthday. he underwent several surgeries and still has about 85 staples in his leg. doctors say he will make a full recovery. that is great news. he and his family will be talking to the media tomorrow
5:44 am
morning in front of city hall in martinez. their continues to be an outpouring of support for all the victims of the boston marathon bombing and all across the nation. today, patchy's pizza will be donating 10% of all the sales to one fund boston. the restaurant has ten locations, including restaurants in san francisco, livermore, palo alto, lafayette and campbell. a local law firm, hanson bridges, says it will match up to $10,000 as well. the golden state warriors talking some basketball now. they are hoping to inif ifinish have athe denver nuggets. >> game six is tonight at the oracle arena. where our own bob redell, live this morning. going to take a shot yourself? >> we hope so. >> reporter: maybe in a little bit. i don't want to show people how easy this is to make a shot and make the warriors look bad. good morning to you, guys.
5:45 am
if the warriors win tonight, this would be the second time they would win the playoffs in 22 years. last time was '07. the time before that was 1991. you can see here at oracle arena, one reason why there is so much interest in that almost all 20,000 seats. there is just under 20,000. all of them are sold out. this is the 35th consecutive sellout for the team. that right there is a team record. the arena is for the most part ready. you can see they have t-shirts on most of the seats over here. they have some that are missing. they are short 3,000. this is what happened. the team obviously thought they were going to clinch this tuesday night in denver. that clearly did not happen. after this lost that game, someone made a quick call to the screen printer. there is this guy in emeryville who is promising to get the rest of these 3,000 t-shirts in here in time for tonight's game. it is going to be interesting because the warriors could advance to round two of the playoffs, also because of what is being said off the court.
5:46 am
after tuesday night's game, warriors coach, mark jackson, accused the nuggets of dirty play, using the word sending a hit man after his star player, steph curry. his right ankle. specifically making that charge against kenneth far read, wid. he is saying tonight there could be some rough play. whether or not it is going to happ happen. you have back talk going on off the court and some play. it is the playoffs. what ex can you expect? tip-off at 7:30. the game, sold out. you have to go to stubhub or find a friend who for whatever reason doesn't want to come tonight. i don't know if there is a friend like that out there, though. >> are you going to shoot that thing? fire it up. >> all right. this is how ease why i it is. all right. i am going to show you. i can do it with my eyes closed. oh, no. >> that's what i'm talking
5:47 am
about. >> bob redell. >> so easy. i don't even -- they don't pay enough. >> bobby redell. >> that is spectacular. very few people realized that bob was drafted years ago, bypassed a crew in the nba to be with us here at nbc bay area. that's pressure. he came through. he is he has skills we are going to check out with him throughout the day. going to get hot out there. >> that was really on point. >> he is doing cart wheels. >> you know he is. that comes after yesterday. we just found out he was nominated for like 50 emmys. we are so proud of our bob redell. 5:47. let's take you outside. 53 degrees in oakland. 54, sunnyville. 56 degrees in livermore. so we're going to keep the excitement going when it comes to your forecast. nothing boring on nbc bay area this morning.
5:48 am
high pressure at its strongest. for today, the hottest of the entire warming trend. much cooler days around the corner. we have to get through today and tomorrow. they will be just about as hot both days. touching on the mid to upper 90s in the warmest cities. 5:48. we are talking about records today. santa rosa. we could be touching on a new record. 91 degrees is the forecasted high. that will break the old record of 90. we already had five records in santa rosa over the past seven days. today will be the sixth consecutive record. so we're talking about very unusual warmth here in the bay area. i want to make sure everybody is prepared for it. the first official day of summer. wanted to make sure you are aware of this. it is on the 21st day of june. we haven't hit mother's day. 97, livermore. 90 fremont. drink lots of water. stay hydrated. make sure you check the fluids in your vehicle. don't want to overheat. we are going to get your traffic
5:49 am
report with our own mike inouye and find out what he is looking at. >> free nomont, a live look. head lights coming down past thornton. before you get to this shot, a crash blocking one of your lanes. it sounds like it is your slow lane. we will track that. month are details. a little late stepping into this shot. the traffic itself goes right on schedule as far as the build. no major delays. we will catch the maps where we are looking through san jose. the approach on 680 and 880, between the two, north 101 shows the traditional slowing. all looking really good. we will look over toward the foster city side of the san ha m san mateo bridge. no delays along the peninsula. as folks travel north, toward the bay bridge toll plaza, easy flow.
5:50 am
the earlier disabled vehicle cleared. we end with the toll plaza shot. a couple of cars waiting in line for the cash lanes. back to you. it is 5:50 right now. newly released data showing the bay area is the fastest growing area in all of california with santa clara county leading the way. santa clara county's population jumping 1.6% between january of last year and january of this year. alameda county was second in population with growth followed by san francisco and san mateo counties. among the fastest growing cities, santa clarita ranking first, dublin second and los altos hills and gilroy at number ten. the rookie of the year award in a unanimous decision. >> portland's damian little lard leading off, scoring almost 20 points a game, 19 a game and 6.1 assists. he broke the warriors steph
5:51 am
curry's rookie record for three-pointers. little lard nailing 185 of them. he became the third rookie to finish with 1500 points and 500 assists. he won all 6:six of the rookie the month awards this season. that's called playing some serious ball from rookie of the year to rookie mistake. quinton patton, niners wide receiver almost cost himself a trip to rookie kamp. he was so excited to get to work, he bought a plane ticket, flew from san francisco and called the headquarters and told them he was going to be there soon. the niners told him to go home. if he had arrived at team headquarters this week, he would not have been allowed to take part in next week's mini camp. jim harbaugh says he loves his
5:52 am
enthusiasm. >> imagine how fired up he is going to be once he gets there and gets the pads on. a new trend in hiring. we will telling about companies now asking you to byod. we will explain what that means coming up next. plus, craigslist. who owns that add. we'll take a look.
5:53 am
5:54 am
welcome back. happening right now, we are going to bring you some live pictures. hard to make out here from riverside county this morning. look how hazy it is out there. that is because of the summit fire that is burning at least 3,000 acres there. it is only 35% contained. it is going to be a hot one across the state as well. we are going to check the forecast here and across the area coming up. it is 5:54. you have heard of byob.
5:55 am
there are many benefits to adopting the byod approach. the biggest being lower costs a company that promises to help keep all your data safe from hackers has been hacked. scott mcgrew joins us now. painful news for redwood city's they say, 11 million u.s. citizens were affected by identity theft in 2009. according to "the new york times," reputation was hit by some of the very same thieves. the company apparently sends out e-mails to customers saying it had reset their passwords to protect them. so far, no information on the website itself about this hack. the battle continues this morning between cryingaigslist a number of hangers on who use
5:56 am
this to drive their own website. they take the ads and put them on a map. you can see where the apartments are available. many people see this is helpful, because craigslist sees it as stealing. thought of as the san francisco treasurer. he supports all kinds of causes, including the beta breakers. behind the scenes, we are seeing tough, bare knuckle legal action. the case is in federal court. recent rulings have largely been in favor of the third-party companies though it is not over. when you post an add to craigslist, who owns that ad, you, craigslist, nobody or all the above. can anyone take this ad and then repurpose it for their own website. it is something the courts have to consider. >> interesting. thank you. it is 5:56. why the man accused of stealing a north bay yacht and grounding it off the coast of pacifica,
5:57 am
may not stand trial. we keep our eye on the southern california fire where they are battling a massive blaze. we have all the latest details coming up.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> gusting winds, soaring temperatures and raging wildfires throughout the state. the red flag warning in place as fire crews try to gain ground on fast-moving flames. >> when our crewing first got on scene, they had heavy fire conditions, immediately went to a second alarm due to the threat to other structures in the area. >> it is not just brush fires doing damage overnight. we have new details about what may have sparked flames that leave behind the smokey scene in the south bay. as the dry winds will start to drop off which is good news
6:00 am
for the elevated fire danger, our temperatures are going to soar up. your full forecast. we will let you know and finally get some heat relief. just in, a new crash for the eastshore freeway involving a brewery truck from the reports. i'm also focusing on the fremont slowing. another crash for 880. taking a live look outside. the sun coming up over the bay area making way for the hottest day on tap. you made it to thursday, may 2nd. this is "today in the bay." good morning, everybody. it is 6:00. thanks for getting up early with us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia cannon. fire investigators looking at the possibility the hot weather may have played a role in an overnight fire. the blaze erupted just before 11:30 at a garage area at a home, rather, on almadon avenue. "today in the bay" ace


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